Material Handling Work Positioners

headstock tailstock rotator on mgv

As the name implies, a work positioner efficiently and safely positions a product for assembly, maintenance or repair in an ergonomic fashion which offers easy access to every component for the technician while they perform their task(s).

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Work positioners often require custom design in order to fit the appropriate dimensions of a given product. Designs vary in size, weight capacities and mobility. Some products will require a 360-degree rotation while work is performed, while some may need to be lifted and lowered and others may need both. Rotating Headstock/Tailstock units often come into play as work positioners – and in many cases - the equipment requires a track to run along, or utilizes a laser-guided automated or manually guided vehicle. Mobility is only limited to a customer’s stipulations. Equally popular are fixed four-post lifts which place the product at various heights for technicians to approach from multiple angles.

How the equipment will be operated will also be reviewed with the client to understand their requirements and whether operations should consider a fixed panel – with or without an HMI screen, a remote hand-held pendant, or both.

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Generally, a work positioner is built around the product being assembled via its specifications, and the customer’s specific application needs. Safety features are standard while additional options are also available. Rail, aerospace, automotive, advanced manufacturing, and many more industries which Handling Specialty services have all contracted work positioners, appreciating the custom engineering, support, and robust building materials used to create the equipment.

Further examples of work positioners include electric Jacks, turntables, manually guided vehicles, and tilters. Handling Specialty is the premier source for made to order lifting, tilting, rotating and traversing equipment.

If you have a Custom material handling application which would require a work positioner, contact the Sales office of Handling Specialty today.