Custom turntables and rotators allow for ergonomic and efficient processes during manufacturing, maintenance, and assembly operations. Virtually every manufacturing industry requires material handling equipment that will perform the work these products do. Handling Specialty will design, manufacture and install your robust, heavy-duty, custom rotator or turntable competently and professionally. We also maintain our equipment and offer parts support throughout the equipment's life.

Custom, robust, heavy-duty turntables are used across multiple industries including manufacturing, maintenance, and assembly to entertainment stage designs. For manufacturing purposes turntables allow for a 360 degree, ergonomic access to the equipment on the shop floor.

A custom, robust, heavy-duty rotator is found in most assembly and manufacturing facilities giving technicians the ability to gain access to a product from an ergonomically raised height where welding and inspection operations can proceed efficiently and safely.

Handling Specialty is a world-class company. They are committed to your success. They are up front with you on their capabilities and core competencies. The products provided are best in class. Service and follow up has been prompt and effective. I would recommend Handling Specialty for all your material handling projects.

Michael Gorman Project Manager - Distributive Power Company Canada - INNIO

It’s a pleasure working with your company.

Doug Harkness MCR Coordinator - Black & McDonald