AGV systems are perfect for heavy-duty maneuvering and overall automation of the factory floor. Looking for a custom, fully autonomous vehicle that moves and transports items in production, warehouse, and distribution centers without operator intervention or permanent conveying systems?

Handling Specialty provides custom automatic (AGV) and manually guided vehicles (MGV) for a wide variety of unique applications in production and manufacturing environments, material handling operations as well as for maintenance, repair & overhaul facilities around the world.  These heavy-duty vehicles are employed to reliably, safely and efficiently move raw materials and work-in-process through assembly operations as well as the transport of finished goods through paint, inspection, test and shipping. 

Handling Specialty’s flexible and scalable vehicle solutions are custom designed to exceed our client’s specific operational requirements and performance specifications.   Innovative companies look to Handling Specialty for robust solutions to increase productivity, improve efficiency and enhance safety. 

A commitment to excellence and innovation are part of Handling Specialty’s culture.  AGVs and MGVs from Handling Specialty offer new dimensions of flexibility in the age of IIoT 4.0 connectivity and are well suited to supporting continuous improvement efforts for smart manufacturing operations. 

I have honestly never dealt with a supplier more professional and more dedicated. Even with all the changes we asked, you managed to deliver the finished product a week ahead of schedule, and in the near future, we might get more of these platforms.

Christophe Malek - Siemens

Love the Handling Specialty team and quality of work

Chris Larson - JOHNSON EQUIP CO.