Large Scale Theater Lifts


Large Scale Theater Lifts for Productions

Whether Circular, square, rectangular or another custom shape built to fit your production or theater stage, Handling Specialty can build the Stage lift to match your vision. A stage lift, or lifting system can be as simple or as complicated as the production itself.  Several lifts placed side by side is often requested in order to fulfill a production’s needs, but lifts can be designed to create virtually any visual a show might require. Handling Specialty has engineered, manufactured and installed tilting, rotating and even ramped stage lifts to accommodate our client’s needs, and we always support our equipment through our Parts & Services Group.

All of Handling Specialty’s stage equipment is built robustly with a unique approach to a safe work environment for employees and equipment by incorporating many redundant safety features into each design.  These types of safety features often include secondary anti-fall protection systems to protect against a catastrophic failure, redundant braking solutions, and dead man (momentary operation) style operator interfaces.  Electro-mechanical or hydraulically actuated drive systems provide for accurate and repeatable positioning, smooth motion characteristics and simple motion control.

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Quiet operation during theatre production is always taken into consideration with each of our stage lift designs. Handling Specialty’s project management team coordinates with the building’s team of architects, engineers and installers during the construction process where a new theatre is being errected, but can also design a new lift for an existing stage system, or upgrade a current stage lift.

Handling Specialty is considered the premier source of custom engineered lifting systems utilized in the theatre industry, which celebrate safety and efficiency. With an excellent safety record and multiple return clients, Handling Specialty is your goto design company who will design, build, install and support your important equipment purchase through planned maintenance, training, and regular equipment inspections.

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