Handling Specialty was approached by the technical director of the Pacific Repertory Theater in Carmel, CA,  to engineer and manufacture a rotating circular stage (double revolving stage) that included both an inner and an outer ring. Both rings rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise, and can move together or separately, to meet show cues. The rings are also capable of stopping and reversing motion independently of each other, with minimal acceleration and deceleration time.


  • Inner Revolve - 216” D, centered against center pin bearing and supported on 48 inverted, height adjustable, polyurethane wheels
  • Outer Revolve - 217” ID x 311-1/2” OD, centered by three adjustable centering wheels acting against the ring frame and supported by inverted, height adjustable, polyurethane wheels
  • Both platforms are friction driven by gear brake motor and polyurethane wheel
  • Motors controlled via VFD or handheld pendant
  • Quiet, smooth rotation, stops and starts

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