Handling Specialty designed and manufactured two lifts used in the EFX show at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.  The lifts were custom designed and manufactured to be used to fill a large gap (24’ by 36’) in the current stage floor, which occurred when a part of the stage was lowered to the basement area to be loaded with a scenery change.

To fill the gap (to allow performers to continue the show), two 12’ by 36’ wagon lifts, which are stored under the stage floor, roll in from the side.  When they meet, they rise 7’ to create a new stage floor. Once the lowered lift is ready to be raised, the two wagon lifts roll back to the sides and the stage rises from the basement area and the stage is complete once again.



  • Quiet for theater application
  • Self-propelled custom scissor lifts    
  • Auxiliary lock-up bars support up to 125,000 lbs        


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