Award Winning Attitude

We create a relationship with our customers that is unique.  Our clients are our partners.  This means we work openly together to find the best solution.  We keep each other informed throughout the project.  We build quality products, long-lasting relationships and when there are problems, our customers can count on us to back them up.  We perform beyond our customer's expectations.

Superior Communications

Fast, easy communications are crucial to a project's success.  We make the exchange of information so easy that our clients just find it more convenient to work with us than anyone else.  We've gone a long way beyond telephones and faxes to keep in touch.  We embrace new communication technologies such as application animations, digital photo presentations, teleconferencing, e-mail and the Internet.

Innovative Problem Solvers

What sets us apart is our application-driven approach.  Rather than selling a product we work with our clients to understand the application and solve a problem.  We are application specialists.  Our vast experience and solutions database allows us to help identify key technical issues and assure that the best solution is selected.

Engineering Excellence

Our success has depended on being able to develop new solutions more efficiently and inexpensively than anyone else in the industry.  Not only have we built a formidable engineering team of Professional Engineers and designers, but we have equipped them with the most advanced design tools, including our powerful "Questica" information system, in-house developed design packages, AutoCAD and SolidWorks 3D CAD software.  The result is that we can respond to a client's need in record speed without sacrificing performance, quality or reliability.

Exceptional Project Control

Custom manufacturing usually is accompanied with administrative chaos.  Not at Handling Specialty! We've streamlined the process of doing custom project work with our unique enterprise-wide information system "Questica".  It allows us to properly manage our company and its projects with the utmost confidence.  This total integration of everything from order to shipment means projects are fully documented, kept on schedule and on budget.  We're efficient, effective and organized.

World Class Qualifications

Our clients are technical professionals with large world class companies.  They are advanced technology manufacturers demanding the highest qualifications from their suppliers.  We meet their expectations with the following accreditation and memberships: 

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