Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a set of three rigid chain actuated stage lifts for one of the newest stage productions in Las Vegas. These stage lifts were installed underneath the main stage area and are used to move sets, scenery, props and performers on and off the stage. The lifts are extremely responsive and quiet, which is necessary for a show of this caliber. The lifts are programmed into the show’s central controls and  perform the same set of movements for the show, twice day, five days a week. During a Factory Acceptance Test in Hamilton, Ontario, Handling Specialty’s lift system was connected to the front end show control network and was operational immediately. 


  • Capacity 10,400 lbs dynamic, 31,200 static (on each of three lift platforms), rigid chain actuation (four on each lift), vertical travel 250”, travel rate 60 fpm
  • Three stage platforms measuring 20’ x 13’ each (total 260 sq. ft. each)
  • Lift actuation method ensures repeatability, precision positioning and indexing. The actuator is a chain and pinion drive that forms an articulated telescoping member to transmit traction and thrust
  • Shear zone sensors installed on edges of platforms to ensure the safety of performers, technicians and equipment
  • Lift actuators housed inside accoustic enclosures to reduce emitted noise

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