Shannon Clinton - Engineering Manager

Transporter with Jet Engine

Read about Handling’s Engineering Manager, Shannon Clinton. I began my life at Handling Specialty in January 2012 working for the manufacturing team as Project Leader for the Michael Jackson lifts now installed at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  I fondly remember that project and that time in my Handling Specialty journey.  I say journey because it has been a journey, an exciting journey.  Project Leader to Manufacturing Manager to Engineering Manager all in my first year.  Not exactly what I expected when I first told my wife about a great job opportunity right in town.  Though my title has changed a few times and my heart skipped a beat each time I was asked to take on a new role, I have no regrets.  I quickly learned that this company was built on integrity, deep set principals, strong work ethics and tradition.  Plus, free Turkeys at Christmas…Imagine my surprise!  I quickly learned that we had gathered a group of people, all professional, all competent, all working together.  We are a success and we are great because of this.  I love who we are, I love what we do.

Jump forward to 2020 and the “Covid Years”, welcome to the new Engineering Department! 


The last few years have been interesting.  I learned a lot of new words and catch phrases, like “Zoom me” and “Your Team Viewer’s not working, I can’t see your screen”.  Even smart sounding phrases like “Herd Immunity” or “COVID Bubble”.  If only I’d been able to socially gather, I’d have sounded so smart at the party. 

I learned how to reset the server by pushing the right button…Nice! IT backup!

I brought in a new friend (my Beta fish) so I wouldn’t go crazy talking to myself in the office alone.

blueman  Shannon

All kidding aside, I learned just what we were made of.  In a very short period of time, engineering was up and running strong - the group working remotely from home designing and estimating and supporting the business.  I am very proud of the team I have working with me.   I often say that COVID made us better, stronger and more adaptable. 

 Special shout out to the manufacturing and operations teams.  You stepped up, and working through it all, made our lives in engineering manageable.