(values) : principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.
Values offer customers and potential customers an unwavering guideline they can expect to experience when working with a company. When their own values align with another company's, the results speak for themselves.

Company Values Graphic


Accountability – As a company we take responsibility of our employees and customers seriously. Safety is always observed in the design, manufacture and installation of our custom equipment. A company who is accountable for their work, stands by their work. 

Persistent Creativity – As a custom design/build firm, Handling Specialty takes great pride in creating robust, complex solutions for our customers through relentless drive, product knowledge and creative license to meet and exceed expectations.

Collaborative – Teamwork is a necessity in any successful business, and with a creative company like ours, the need to collaborate as we face extraordinary design challenges is ingrained in our culture. As each department shapes and defines next steps with each other, and our clients, challenges are met and conquered.

Integrity – Regardless of the complexity of a project, once accepted, Handling Specialty’s team of ‘bar raising’ professionals build trust through ethical practices and dedication to see it through to the finish line.

Respectful – Promoting wellness within is just one way Handling Specialty shows we care. Respecting the needs of our clients, and the processes involved to complete a project is another.