MGV for Aerospace

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Manually Guided Vehicles are making their way into every industry, as the need for more customized options to move parts, or assist in the assembly process are realized. Automation is a buzz word lately for manufacturing facilities, but not every company can afford an Automated Guided Vehicle.  MGV’s are economic, and do the same work as an AGV, can be customized to your needs, and have begun replacing forklifts as a more affordable means of moving products and parts of various weight capacities.

A Manually Guided Vehicle is an excellent fit for the aerospace industry. MGV’s can be easily fitted with tooling which can hold expensive and/or oddly shaped parts securely as they are added to, in the assembly process. Tooling can even include a scissor lift or head stock/tail stock; creating an ergonomic work station. Eliminating push carts by employing an MGV also improves employee moral, helps lower accidents and WSIB claims. Hand-held controls guide the MGV remotely, or to keep costs down; via an industrial cord attached to the MGV. MGV’s can also have the control mounted to a post on the vehicle, offering a ‘walk beside’ option.

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Eliminating fork trucks from your assembly areas or parts stacking offers a greener solution too, with no more fumes in the facility; as MGV’s are all run on industrial, rechargeable electric batteries. Manually Guided Vehicles in the workplace offer flexibility as well, capable of being shared between assembly areas, helping your investment dollars go further.

The benefits to employing an MGV in your aerospace manufacturing facility are clear to see. For more on this customization and affordable option please contact Mike Roper.

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