Handling Specialty is pleased to present its latest engineered handling solution called the Manually Guided Vehicle (MGV). The manually operated equipment is feature rich and designed for the advanced manufacturing sector who are focused on continuous improvement.

Our goal was to produce a product that would allow our customers to immediately improve their manufacturing performance at low cost. Furthering this, we wanted to provide our customers with the opportunity to grow this investment at a pace and cost that matches their growth. To this end, the MGV is convertible to an AGC at very low cost and with very low effort and thus the productivity of the investment grows with you. 

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  • Weight capacities from 1,000 to 20,000 lbs
  • Scissor lift for elevation changes (MHI 29.1 compliant)
  • Unibody design for strength and robustness
  • PLC provides customization of operating and safety features
  • Custom fixturing available to suit your application (rotators, tilters, sliders etc.)
  • Dual programmable warning lights
  • Dual E-stops (one per side)
  • Status indicator lights
  • Buzzer – Audible alarms
  • Battery status and on-board charger
  • Cooling vents and intelligent forced air cooling during charging
  • Standard 110V, 15A, recessed male receptacle
  • Dual fail safe, manual brake release

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