Handling Specialty worked with an international aerospace company to engineer and manufacture an automatic guided vehicle (transporter) that would be used to transport aero engines in its facility. This equipment was designed with an air caster system to hold the load. The transporter is powered by an onboard battery system which is charged during non-working hours.

In addition, the transporter was designed such that regular positioning would be handled via the operator controls pendant but once at the pre-dress bay, the unit would be automatically guided for final positioning via a vision sensorreading a magnetic strip on the floor. A collision detection system can also be added if necessary.


  • Hand held, radio remote controlled pendant with two analog joysticks for steering
  • Operated manually but can be programmed to follow magnetic tape on the floor (if precise, automatic positioning needed)
  • Equipped with air caster loading plates (payload sits on air caster system)
  • 3 mph (264 fpm) traverse speed
  • Zero turn radius when stationary
  • Moves forward and reverse
  • Transporter equipped with onboard batteries and charger
  • E-stop buttons on transporter and pendant. Momentary operation style push-button controls (Lift stops when pressure is removed from push button)

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