Manually Guided Transporters

Tandem no load

Manually Guided Transporters in the Energy Industry.

An MGV can be as big or as small as the application demands. At Handling Specialty, we don’t really build small. These robust MGV's are an excellent example of just how big we build. Providing real-life solutions for heavy manufacturing is what we do. In 2018 Handling Specialty designed and built eight (8) guided vehicles for a single facility engineered to lift and traverse 40,000 lbs, and another capable of handling 100,000 lbs, imagined and built for the energy industry.

Tandem MGVs

Engineered and manufactured to lift and precisely position massive engines for assembly and maintenance purposes, Handling Specialty's 40 ton Manually Guided Vehicles employ modular traction/steering drives that are bolted to a fabricated steel frame. The traction/steering modules simplify the operation and maintenance of the engine transporters.

The Traction/Steering modules provide the force to move the MGV. Each module consists of two polyurethane wheels, each driven by a servo brake motor. These servo motors provide differential speed steering control to the module angle and provides traction. Each module is equipped with an absolute encoder to monitor the angle of the module.

All MGV and AGV models feature traditional steering as well as crab steering capabilities. The engine transporters also feature Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) steering which allows the transporter to turn about its centre. All of these steering modes are available in both unloaded and loaded conditions offering maximum flexibility of use.

All models have an e-stop button on the corners of the mainframe as well as amber strobe lights and audible signal that indicate the transporter is going to start motion and is in motion. Proximity sensors add another level of safety, allowing the MGV to stop should an obstacle move in front of it.

These heavy-duty models feature an integrated hydraulic lift function that allows the transporter to pick up engines with the assistance of a specially designed tooling fixture and can be operated in tandem mode to offer a heavier carrying capacity to lift and move both an engine and gen-set.  Specialized tooling for the engine transporters includes three types of engine stands for the small and large engine assembly line, as well as paint booth stands.  All of these systems work together to form a flexible, robust and reliable assembly system.

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