Aero-engine transporters

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment to the aerospace Industry utilized in the assembly, testing and MRO of aero engines. 

If your operations require a safe, accurate and reliable method of positioning and moving aero engines, Handling Specialty’s transportation systems are a superior alternative to overhead cranes, tuggers, fork trucks and air bearings.

Handling Specialty understands that not every engine transporter is created equal, so our transporter solutions are custom engineered to suit specific dimensional, capacity and operational requirements.  These self-propelled, DC powered transporters can be designed to operate as a manually guided vehicle (MGV) or programmed to perform as an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) or a combination of both.  Handling Specialty’s transporters are fully self contained, equipped with onboard charging systems and do not rely on auxiliary pneumatic or power supply for operation.

Handling Specialty understands that flexibility in design is an important consideration.  Transporters are fully programmable and can be engineered to include a number of added features to make the work more ergonomic and efficient.  Some of these options include crab type steering, zero radius turning, integrated lifting capabilities and head stock / tail stock rotating features.  Transporters are provided with onboard PLCs, non-proprietary and programmable controls with tethered or wireless operator interfaces.  Controls include onboard diagnostics via indicator lights or onboard HMIs.  Safety features typically include e-stops, audible/visual alarms, contact bumpers, guarding and laser safety scanners.

All Handling Specialty areo-engine transporters are engineered and manufactured for safety, strength and durability.  Every unit undergoes a rigorous factory acceptance test and detailed quality inspections before moving onto our client’s facilities for installation.

Why use an engine transporter built to perform the specific task rather than fork trucks or cranes? Forklifts have proven to be both cumbersome, dangerous and environmentally unfriendly in manufacturing operations.  Overhead cranes and conveyors can put the operators and staff in a position where they are working under a suspended load.  Handling Specialty’s transportation solutions eliminates these concerns by providing a safe, reliable and efficient means of moving aero-engines through assembly and testing operations. 

For more on our Aero Engine Transporters, please visit this link. To ask about a quote, contact Mike Roper.