Discover AGV and MGV's for Your Facility



Automatic and manually guided vehicles are used for multiple applications in manufacturing and assembly facilities to assist in the transportation of product through the line or from the manufacturing floor to the warehouse. Handling Specialty’s vehicles are custom engineered, programmed and manufactured to our clients tooling, safety and specific operational needs to enhance their facility’s efficiencies and support employee morale by creating an ergonomically friendly work environment. Handling Specialty produces AGV and MGV’s to carry 4,000 - 20,000 lbs (1,814 - 9,072 kgs) and can be integrated into virtually any industry.

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Handling Specialty offers on-site support for all of our AGV and MGV’s during the installation period as well as after-market and technical support.

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These vehicles offer industries the opportunity for rapid growth of their manufacturing and assembly lines and come in custom shapes and sizes to fit the application. With an experienced Engineering department and Technical sales professionals to help assess your needs, Handling Specialty is your one stop shop for material handling product.

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