Custom Designed Stage Lifts

RCCL Stage Lift


It’s timely to be talking about custom stage lifts today as we solidify another aqua-theatre stage project  with our friends at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Though we’ve specialized in aqua-theatres for companies like Royal Caribbean, Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone Entertainment, we’ve built many other robust, custom stage designs which operate without the added engineering of being submerged in a body of water.

Handling Specialty’s custom stage designs don’t stop at the theatre either, they’ve designed and built lifts for world renown amusement parks, summer Olympics, planetariums, and music conservatories.

For example: The University of Cincinnati's Music Conservatory contacted Handling Specialty to custom design and manufacture a hydraulic scissor lift to convey props and set pieces to the conservatory’s upper level. They’ve also custom engineered and designed a ramped system to transport seated visitors into a planetarium show at a major tourist attraction in Chicago.  At the Atlanta Olympics opening ceremony, singer Gladys Knight rose out of the ground on a 2,500 lb capacity scissor lift custom engineered and manufactured by Handling Specialty. They’ve also delivered a unique three-stage, high rise custom scissor lift for an amusement park’s special effects more than once.

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Handling Specialty’s extensive scope of design experience across multiple industries and over fifty years in business offers their clients an unprecedented knowledge base when researching their project’s applications needs, developing a solution and manufacturing the end product. Whether that project is within the entertainment, aerospace, automotive, energy, transport, advanced manufacturing or process industries, Handling Specialty can help in the design of lifting, tilting, traversing and rotating of your product.

For more information and to discover what Handling Specialty can do for your project contact Michael Roper