Unknown to over 2 billion people around the world, a Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured scissor lift premiered at the Atlanta Olympics opening ceremony.  Singer Gladys Knight rose out of the ground on a 2,500 lb capacity scissor lift custom engineered and manufactured by Handling Specialty.

Rising to a height of 144”, the hydraulically-actuated lift emerged from a retractable hatch in the stadium floor.  Handling Specialty engineers developed the triple-stage scissor lift so that it could achieve impressive speed and motion control.  The lift was considered key to both the opening and closing ceremonies.



  • 2,500 lb capacity,hydraulic actuation, 84” x 96” platform, 144” vertical travel
  • 168” reach and fast speed
  • Rise time of 18 seconds
  • Safe and reliable lift for high-profile event    


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