Handling Specialty was called upon to deliver a unique three-stage, high rise custom scissor lift for a giant monster special effect.  The pit-mounted scissor lift moves upward to propel the monster up, out, and down over pedestrians on a 5 foot rotor bearing with the head spitting fire and saliva during its travel.  

The hydraulic lift had to be housed within an external steel infrastructure in order to handle the aggressive movement of the monster plus the variable effects of wind and weather.  Kickers were also embedded into the concrete shell to handle the extreme loads.  The lift offers 20,000 lbs. dynamic capacity with 168" of vertical travel. 

One of the key challenges with this project was the aggressive delivery timeframe.  Handling Specialty was brought in on an emergency basis and given only 5 weeks to design, build, test, break down, ship and rebuild the lift onsite.  The project was delivered on time and successfully executed — the servo hydraulics of the monster (supplied by others) married perfectly with the lift structure produced by Handling Specialty.


  • Custom scissor lift application
  • Lift locks in raised position to allow a "monster" head to raise up and bob over the crowd
  • External steel infrastructure with kickers embedded into the concrete shell for added support
  • Three stage, high rise custom engineered scissor lift
  • Full turn key project completed in five weeks


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