Automotive Chassis Marriage System Lifts

Handling Specialty Marriage 2

Automotive marriage systems are an integral part of the automotive assembly process - joining an automotive chassis with its body.  Handling Specialty is globally recognized as being the premier supplier of custom engineered lifting systems for chassis marriage applications.  These lifting systems are specifically designed to handle the unique requirements regarding high duty cycles, weight capacities, mounting configurations and the stringent process, quality and safety demands of the automotive industry. 

Automotive marriage systems employing automatic guided vehicles, rail guided vehicles or other conveyance methods, will position themselves under an overhead conveyor carrying the automotive body. These marriage systems will typically be equipped with two lift platforms which carry the chassis/frame/engine.  Once in position; the lifting platforms will raise allow assembly technicians to join the chassis to the automotive body.  The lifts are capable of either synchronous or independent motion and promote efficient and ergonomic assembly tasks.

Automotive Material Handling Equipment

Handling Specialty marriage lifts are robustly designed to handle off-set & side load conditions, require minimal power to operate and offer very repeatable and accurate vertical positioning.  A variety of actuation methodologies can be employed to suit a particular application as well as advanced safety features such as machine guarding and secondary anti fall protection systems.  These lifts are a compact design, offer constant speed platform motion for simple integration into controls systems and are completely interface ready.  The Handling Specialty engineering team has focused heavily on design elements to address stability & levelness requirements, reliability, safety and maintainability.

To understand more about these effective systems or to inquire about adding Handling Specialty’s lifts to your automotive marriage system, contact Mike Roper, or call us at 800-559-8366