Handling Specialty engineered to order lifts for the beginning and end of a van final assembly process as part of a plant expansion at a major truck manufacturer.  At the beginning of the final assembly process, van bodies arrive on a chain conveyor and are elevated via two, mechanically actuated, two-stage scissor lifts situated on either side of the conveyor.  This pair of 3,000 lb capacity lifts is synchronized electronically to elevate each van approximately 73” and then lower it onto the supports of an overhead conveyor.  Integrated motion encoders monitor lift motion and height.

The van bodies proceed through the assembly process until they are complete in everything but the wheels.  At this point, the van arrives over a single pit-mounted hydraulic scissor lift supplied by Handling Specialty.  The 5,500 lb. capacity lift rises 85”, contacts the vehicle underbody, and then lifts the vehicle another 10” off of the overhead conveyor support points.  The conveyor moves away allowing the lift to lower the van approximately 4' for the wheel mounting operation.  Once the van wheels are mounted, the lift lowers into the pit and the van is driven off the end of the line.


  • Lift 1 is comprised of two independent, electronically synchronized, mechanical lifts which can travel at variable speeds up to 20 fpm           
  • 3,000 lb. capacity, mechanical actuation 60” long, 30” wide, 73” vertical travel
  • Integrated motion encoders monitor lift motion and height
  • Lift 2 is a single hydraulic scissor lift with dual speeds of 10 and 20 fpm      
  • 5,500 lb. capacity, hydraulic actuation, 174” long, 30” wide, 95” vertical travel
  • Pit mounted


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