Handling Specialty was approached by a major North American vehicle manufacturer to custom engineer and manufacture a towed lifting platform with two air-over-oil hydraulic scissor lifts. On top of both lifts is tooling with wobble plates which permits the marriage of rear and front axles onto vehicle bodies.

The front and rear axles are loaded onto the lifts manually using overhead assist devices.  The axles travel around the system in the lowered position and come into a station where a synchronized overhead system brings in the vehicle body.  Operators then raise the lift to make contact with springs compressing them 2” to 3”. At that point, the operator can then secure the axles to the vehicle.



  • Air-over-oil with hydraulic accumulator which allows for air charging for remote operation    
  • Self-contained system      
  • Two-speed operation allows for finer operator control        
  • Complete control system including five e-stops and two operator control stations       
  • Designed to meet specific automotive specifications


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