The Evolution of Plant 2

Plant 2 overview v2

Handling Specialty added 80,000 square feet to our manufacturing capabilities in 2007 by renting space in Hamilton, Ontario. This addition was necessary to manage the influx of work coming in through our earlier decision to diversify the company’s portfolio with respect to industries served.

With massive engine lifts, rotators, stage lifts, and automated guided vehicles capable of carrying 200,000 lbs becoming the new normal, the Grimsby plant was quickly becoming crowded. 13 years later and new large-scale blast and paint booths were added and more square footage gained. But over the past 13 years, Plant 2 has offered much more than mere space, it has grown with the company and has made a difference in the way Handling Specialty does business.

Included in Plant 2’s fixtures are a 180-ton hoist, a 20-ton hoist, 10 ton and 5-ton bridges and four 2 ton jibs, the blast booth and the paint booth, 18 weld cells, a hydraulic VMI work centre, a power and controls VMI and panel building centre, 6 roll-up bay doors up to 21’ wide, ceilings up to 105’ high, and updated meeting rooms and offices.

Plant 2 is a hive of activity 12 months of the year, putting out massive material handling equipment as custom-designed by the company’s talented engineering department. The blast and paint booths are also available for customers outside of Handling’s industrial client base, taking orders from local businesses to blast and paint medium to large scale projects.

A video has been created to document Plant 2 and all of its important features in building and delivering some of the world’s largest material handling equipment to Tier 1 customers all over the world.