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Rotating Stage Lifts and Platforms

Handling Specialty has designed and built rotating set designfor multiple industries over the years, and the entertainment industry is a big one for rotation stages! With experience engineering heavy-duty rail turntables for locomotives in the field to wind tunnel turn tables which require robust construction, the world of entertainment offered new challenges to overcome. From multi-stage designs featuring rotating platforms to underwater stage builds for companies like Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone, Handling Specialty’s extensive experience and on-going product support knowledge of rotating platforms, a stage rotating platform, and stage development should offer peace of mind when choosing a manufacturer for your ambitious stage designs.

Circular stages require an enormous amount of engineering to allow them to lift, lower and turn in sequence with a show’s precise timing. Handling knows this well. Working with theatre and show professionals all over the world, our product has performed admirably. Winning multiple projects with Royal Caribbean cruise lines to build their outdoor Aqua-theatres for the Oasis-class ships stands as an excellent testimonial to our efforts, a fourth project due for installation early 2020.

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Revolving stage platform mechanism

Some revolving stage platforms require special features like both an inner and an outer ring which rotate clock-wise and counter-clock-wise at specific times to meet show cues. A rotating Stage lift can be as complex or as simple as your show requires. Obviously, as part of a theatrical show, all mechanisms must operate silently so not to disrupt the show in progress. Handling Specialty ensures quiet operation often employing polyurethane wheels to improve sound dampening ensuring decibels remain at a reasonable level.

Tilt features can also be included in your rotating stage lift offering another dimension to your show’s treatment. Whether on dry land or submerged in a pool on the open sea, Handling Specialty is your first choice in developing a mechanical stage to wow your audiences and assist in leaving a lasting impression.

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