Lift Truck Portavator


Designed and built to initially service the automotive manufacturing industry’s application needs in moving stamping line dies from one end of their facility to the other, the Portavator can be custom engineered and designed for any facility.

The Portavator converts a forklift into a powerful and efficient in-plant materials handling system, capable of moving heavy loads using a light-to-medium duty forklift.

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The Portavator’s manoeuvrability, fork truck compatibility, and quick disconnect lift-arm system makes it an ideal solution for customers who experience cost savings in die changeout and repair times, as well as increased space utilization.

The unit can be custom engineered to be as advanced or simple as is required by the job; including the addition of a scissor lift or four post lift, or nothing more than a cargo carrier.

Lifting capacities can exceed 100,000 lbs; designed to the specifications of our client’s requirements.

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