Handling Needs for the Energy Industry

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Meeting Custom Handling Needs for the Energy Industry

The energy industry is arguably one of the most important industries in the world today. From gas to wind, it powers our homes, transportation, businesses and imaginations. Clean energy or renewable energy is a relatively new term that applies to wind, solar, tidal, and thermal which are naturally replenished. Fossil fuels are still a big portion of the energy industry, as is nuclear and Handling Specialty has built for virtually all of them.

From designing custom solutions to move massive turbine engines through the assembly line to the platforms technicians use to raise and lower in order to ergonomically service the turbine engines, electrical transformers, transformer coils and compressors, Handling has built turn-key material handling systems for tier one companies involved in the manufacture of these large products.

Manually Guided Vehicles or battery-powered transfer carts have also been engineered to transport the large engines and turbines through the assembly process with specialized tooling to accommodate multiple sizes of product. Massive four-post lifts raise the product for inspection before they are moved out of the manufacturing facility.

The experienced and dedicated individuals within Handling Specialty’s two manufacturing plants and head office have engineered application solutions that have enabled companies to build in an efficient way through robust designs centred on the client’s needs.

turbine assembly lifts are often designed to be fitted into existing pits allowing for greater safety during the assembly process, keeping all moving parts of the four-post lift below grade. These lifts are not always built to conform to in-ground applications and can be designed as a four-post lifts which raise and lower with the technicians safely placed on the platform which surrounds the turbine. Above ground turbine assembly lifts include an articulating staircase which moves with the platform.

Handling Specialty has built many material handling products for the maintenance of nuclear facilities and recently completed an order of custom maintenance platforms for the purposes of refurbishing an ageing nuclear facility.

The range of Custom material handling equipment Handling Specialty has supplied to the energy industry is extensive and can be found within our case studies for the energy industry. The relationship between Handling Specialty and the energy industry is long and varied with multiple return customers who count on our engineering expertise and manufacturing prowess to design, build, install, train and service their equipment.

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