This order included four units and one handling cart to move the nuclear maintenance personnel platforms to their final destination through the plant.

These units dock vertically into a docking station secured to the walls of the facility at ceiling height. The personnel platforms lower on scissor lifts and when contact is made with the rail tracks below, the unit is driven out of its docking station and into service via a handheld control. The technicians then board the platform and perform their maintenance duties.


  • tape switches for collision detection
  • limit switches
  • locks to secure base
  • handrails
  • emergency stops
  • safety lock-up bars
  • 2 maintenance blocks
  • hydraulic braking system
  • manual release valve
  • manual brake release
  • lift cylinder manual release valve
  • rail alignment laser sight
  • jib crane
  • an electrical outlet
  • fold-down ramp
  • cable reel for power
  • slider extension
  • hand-held pendant for docking/undocking operations
  • onboard controls

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