Advanced Manufacturing and Handling Specialty


Advanced Manufacturing – A Shared History with Handling Specialty

Advanced manufacturing increasingly integrates new and innovative technologies in both products and processes. In essence, this is an industry which is always evolving and exists within many businesses.

In order to keep up with new designs and technologies within the advanced manufacturing sectors, companies like Handling Specialty, who have built their brand around custom engineering material handling equipment, must stay relevant. Having diversified across multiple industries with their ingenuities toward design and manufacturing for a company’s specific applications, Handling Specialty has built for everything from large entertainment facilities to Aerospace manufacturers.

Whether a theatre company is looking to create a dynamic show involving underwater stage systems designed to enhance the audience experience or an automotive manufacturer requires an advanced, automated layout to move product through the assembly operations, Handling Specialty has the experience and talent to assist.

Using innovative technologies and methodologies to improve competitiveness and existing processes in the manufacturing sectors are considered forward-thinking and applied in some way in every successful business model. Advanced manufacturing keeps companies in a constant state of improvement, which Handling Specialty can contribute to through candid discussions with our technical sales team, engineering department and operations.

With innovation come new requirements which include high levels of design and technology, be it material handling equipment in the assembly industry, innovative maintenance equipment for rail, or a mind-blowing stage system for the entertainment industry. New requirements mean new designs to support those conditions. A custom design firm who also build, install, train on and service their equipment, and who offers case study after case study to support their experience ensures a successful transition to a new product, experience or assembly routine.


There are multiple examples of advanced manufacturing in Handling’s portfolio where the custom manufacturing giant has helped companies compete, entertain, traverse, rotate, and lift on the world stage. Handling Specialty also tackles one-of-a-kind applications that may have unique or extreme requirements involving usage, operating environment, or weight capacity. The material handling design/build firm also boasts case studies where they’ve created turn-key operations for numerous companies across multiple assembly industries. If you have an innovative idea that requires partnering with a design firm, Handling Specialty should be your first call.