Transfer cars for manufacturing and assembly operations span multiple industries where product is required to move through the line. Handling Specialty design/builds custom, robust, heavy-duty transfer cars to improve ergonomics for the technicians and overall efficiency.

Industrial transfer cars can be fully automated or manually driven depending on the customer's needs. Often transfer cars will run on tracks within a facility to increase stability. Because of their versatility, transfer cars have an unlimited field of application in sectors of heavy industry, automotive molds, steel mills, power-generation and more.

Custom tooling is designed for each transfer car depending on the industry requirements to accept and hold product in place as it runs through it's designated operations.

Transfer cars can also be used to move pallets as conveyor lines, connecting to each other if required to move heavier loads. 

Handling Specialty specializes in robust, heavy-duty material handling equipment that surpasses even our customer's stringent quality requirements. Safety is built into our transfer cars.

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