The BMWS' can be used individually or in synchronized mode. The synchronized mode is used by the operator during the “Bogie Removal” and “Bogie Installation” process.  Synchronized mode enables the lifts to travel in sync with each other through the controls on the HMI screen.

Individual mode is used to move individual lifts with bogies sets that are detached from the car(s) after the synchronized portion of the “Bogie Removal” process and before the synchronized portion of the “Bogie Installation” process.   

Manual Mode allows individual functions to be performed separately. 



  • Equipped with Traverse Wheels running on rails
  • 29,000 lbs capacity per BMWS
  • 3000 cycles per year, 10 per day, 2 per hour
  • 47.25" vertical travel
  • 3.15"Rise above beam
  • 54.33" Lowered Height
  • 98.43" Beam Height
  • 0.25" Rise rate per second
  • 5 FPM Traverse speed
  • Electro-mechanical Lift action
  • Hydraulic Extension actuation
  • Main control panel with HMI screen per line + remote control pendant