Custom-designed drop tables offer easy removal of rail wheel sets, traction motors/combos and full trucks/bogies of freight cars, transit vehicles and locomotives. Drop tables can come in standard designs but Handling Specialty offers the ability to customize your drop tables, because we understand that not every MRO set up is going to be the same.


Handling Specialty offers both the well known Whiting brands and their own Handling Specialty designs of equipment ranging from 15 to 125 ton capacities.

To the right are samples of our various sizes and capacities. From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. 5 ton hydraulic for freight car and transit vehicle wheel set change out
  2. 20 ton Whiting screw type for freight car and transit vehicle wheel set change out
  3. 50 ton Whiting screw type for locomotion traction motor/combo change out
  4. 50 ton Handling Specialty screw type for locomotive traction motor/combo change out
  5. Split rail system for freight car and transit vehicle wheel set change out 
  6. Monorail screw type for truck/bogie change out
  7. 50-125 ton Whiting screw type for full truck/bogie change out

Sample videos can be viewed below for further clarity on the individual equipment functions

For further information on the above equipment and/or to discuss your specific drop table application please use our contact form and our sales team will reply promptly to assist you. Drop-Table Brochure

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