What is a Scissor Lift Mechanism?

Industrial scissor lifts are built to withstand the rigors of continuous cycles in the most demanding environments. A custom mechanical lift can be engineered to any shape, size and capacity. The scissor lift mechanism is made up of connected parallelograms with hinged pivot-point intersections. This allows the operator to elongate or contract the mechanism – making it rise or lower, to position product at specific heights.

These mechanisms can be single-stage or multi-stage depending on the height you want to raise the product. Fall-safe precautions and limit switch sensors are built into the mechanical scissor lift.

What are the advantages of an industrial scissor lift?

The advantages of an industrial scissor lift are numerous. Ergonomics, efficiency, reliability, and quality are all engineered into Handling Specialty's mechanical scissor lifts. These can be designed as single-stage scissor lifts or multi-stage scissor lifts for multiple applications such as assembly, manufacturing, and MRO operations. They are found in virtually every industry from Aerospace to Automotive and Entertainment.

Very satisfied and great communication displayed by Handling Specialty.

Steven Livengood - GE Transportation

Great to see our equipment in production and making its way through the process… Impressive work going on.

Andy Scrafford PMP Deputy Project Director - Bird Kiewit