We thrive on engineering challenges. Underwater Stage lifts are just one of those challenges we've excelled at and become the leading design and manufacturer of; with examples all over the world. Underwater lifts are exciting, but so are stage lifts and stage traversing equipment which move scenery and performers. In the entertainment industry, Handling Specialty is your one-stop-shop for stage lift and traversing equipment.

It’s a pleasure working with this team on board the Allure of the Seas. The team here is doing an excellent job and we are making good progress.

Sacha Savenkoff Technical Director of Entertainment - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Handling Specialty is a world-class company. They are committed to your success. They are up front with you on their capabilities and core competencies. The products provided are best in class. Service and follow up has been prompt and effective. I would recommend Handling Specialty for all your material handling projects.

Michael Gorman Project Manager - Distributive Power Company Canada - INNIO

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