We thrive on engineering challenges. Underwater Stage lifts are just one of those challenges we've excelled at and become the leading design and manufacturer of; with examples all over the world. Underwater lifts are exciting, but so are stage lifts and stage traversing equipment which move scenery and performers. In the entertainment industry, Handling Specialty is your one-stop-shop for stage lift and traversing equipment.

Handling Specialty is an important machine builder partner for Siemens Canada Ltd. Siemens Canada Ltd is proud to be a technology partner of Handling Specialty.
Siemens is proud to contribute to Handling Specialty’s global success in manufacturing high-end machines with complex motion capabilities.

Joris Myny - Siemens Canada Ltd.

Whenever I contacted anyone from Handling Specialty I was answered within one business day, if nothing else to let me know they were working on it and to give me an estimated deadline. The MGV we purchased runs extremely well and is very appealing which was one of the necessary requirements as it is located in an area with high visibility. The MGV is a very simple application that was intuitively integrated and required no formal installation or training.

Kurt Erlanger - AMSTED RAIL COMPANY Inc.

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