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Planned Maintenance

The Handling Specialty maintenance program provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Reduced unplanned equipment downtime.
  • Proactive approach for predicting problems/failures and remedy during planned maintenance. 
  • Impartial review of your maintenance and production practices.
  • Direct contact with Handling Specialty skilled service technicians and their many years of  knowledge.
  • Additional assistance from our engineering department.
  • During the three year contract period, all parts purchased will be discounted by 5% and all service required will carry a 10% discount.

Scope of services:

  • All work stations will be visually inspected. A detailed checklist will be used to ensure that all critical components are checked and values recorded for wear tracking.
  • Adjustments and/or notation of critical items that require immediate attention will be completed.
  • All components requiring lubrication will be lubricated.
  • Discussion with your maintenance and operation personnel will be held for any input regarding equipment performance and possible improvements to the system will be noted.
  • Review of any component failure to determine if further follow–up is required.
  • We will review any preventative maintenance records for trends, and pinpoint areas of opportunity. We will assess whether the PM’s are being completed and whether changes to the PM program should be made.
  • Provide feedback on any past visits, and changes made.
  • At the end of the inspection visit, a close-out meeting will be held to offer a summary of recommendations, concerns and procedures that are being done right to maintain the equipment in optimum operational condition.

Following the inspection visit, the information gathered will be documented, analyzed and submitted in a written report in a timely manner. This report will include the following feedback on your equipment:

  • Review the performance and the condition of your equipment.
  • Identify and explain any outstanding deficiencies and possible areas of improvement. These will be prioritized according to impact on production.
  • Project future major problem areas and estimated life of worn or damaged components.
  • Provide comparison to the performance of other similar Handling Specialty installations.
  • Provide information on component and service costing as required.
  • Identify any areas where additional training would be beneficial.


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