Great to see our equipment in production and making its way through the process… Impressive work going on.

Andy Scrafford PMP Deputy Project Director - Bird Kiewit

Equipment-Installations, Installation Services

On-Site Assistance

Handling Specialty recommends the purchase of on site assistance (supervisory role) to support the installation and commissioning tasks.  Experience has taught us that interfacing challenges and start up anomalies are best handled by having one of Handling Specialty’s technical staff on site.  Unless presented as a line item in “1.1 Handling Specialty Supplied Equipment and Services” it is recommended that you obtain a separate quotation for On Site Service.  The quote will be based on your on-site conditions, operating procedures, customer supplied equipment, utilities, peripheral equipment and customer supplied technicians.  Handling Specialty typically quotes a base bid for xxx days on site with a separate line item for additional days, overtime or return visits that may be requested or required. 

Field Service

All field services offered by Handling Specialty, not included in this base proposal, will be provided at the published rates in effect when the service is performed.

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