Update to Handling Specialty

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With an impressive line of sight from the heavily travelled QEW highway in southern Ontario between Hamilton and Niagara Falls, Handling Specialty decided to use our location to its fullest by adding window graphics to the front of the office.

These graphics offer the driver a billboard style glimpse into the material handling work we do by including an engineer working at his computer, one of our project managers, our professional services group manager and one of our mechanical leads. We also included a photo from Plant 2 where we are building a project to offer the full scope of what we do. From concept to completion, we will remain an active partner in your project with installation services and after-market parts and maintenance support.

Once inside the front foyer, our visitors can watch an assorted video of our product in application all over the world in a comfortable environment while they wait to enter.

Handling Specialty front room

Handling Specialty front room

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