The Show Goes on with Lift Equipment

Handling Specialty House of Dancing Water Stage altered lighter

The Show Goes on with Lift Equipment

Handling Specialty is the global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of engineered-to-order solutions for performance venues and live entertainment experiences. Our creative and unique solutions are utilized to move stages, scenery and performers in the most awe-inspiring entertainment spaces around the world.

Throughout each project, Handling Specialty works with a variety of stakeholders including architects, construction firms, owners and operators to efficiently design solutions for complex project requirements and provide reliable solutions to difficult engineering challenges. Massive, heavy-duty scissor lifts raise and lower whole stages, often in multiple sections. The design and manufacture of underwater stage lifts are also a niche specialty for performance companies like Cirque de Soleil and Royal Caribbean. Rotating stages and tilting stages have also been incorporated into live performances to further wow the audience with dynamic scene changes.

stage lifts Underwater pool stage lift final stage up

Handling Specialty employs a highly skilled and dedicated work force that delivers a relentless commitment to quality, creative designs, robust equipment, turn-key installations, onsite training and long-term professional support.

For more information on these incredible stage lifts, see our entertainment brochure or contact one of our highly skilled technical sales people.