Ship Maintenance

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Ship Maintenance Spans Thousands of Miles and Weeks Away

"It’s a pleasure working with this team on board the Allure of the Seas. The team here is doing an excellent job and we are making good progress." - Sacha Savenkoff - Technical Director of Entertainment at Royal Caribbean

Aboard the Allure of the Seas in the Bahamas, a team of 7 Handling Specialty technicians and project manager have spent 14 days quarantined, and are now actively performing planned maintenance on the underwater stage system.   

Robert Lemieux, project manager says, “very few contractors are onboard the ship,” as it undergoes multiple maintenance projects. “Everyone must report to medical for their daily temperature check.”

Ship Maintenance Oasis of the Seas Maintenance Crew

The work on the Allure will span 2 weeks in the Bahamas and then the group will fly to Spain, where Harmony of the Seas will require 3 more weeks of planned maintenance. These projects are necessary to follow planned maintenance procedures as laid out by Handling Specialty, ensuring all of the equipment and components are in excellent condition.

Handling Specialty is grateful for the quality of people employed to undertake projects of this magnitude while spending prolonged periods away from home. It speaks to the character of the people within the organization, upholding the values Handling Specialty believes in.

When asked about the 14 days of quarantine in their mid-ship cabins on Deck 6 in the designated YELLOW zone, Lemieux said, “all well and healthy and ready to get to work!”