Pathstone River House and Handling Specialty


Pathstone is one of Handling Specialty's favorite charities because, at Handling Specialty, we believe in Wellness. Wellness of the mind is every bit as important as Wellness in the body and Pathstone is an organization that shares our values.

The River House Reno project is a much-needed mental health facility in Welland that will cater to hundreds of children and their families who struggle with mental health. The reno costs ballooned to $800,000 over the course of the renovations and we're asking anyone who believes in tackling mental health in our children to donate to this cause. Handling Specialty has been a great supporter of Pathstone and, in turn, they are a great supporter of our employees and their families.

Pictured above at the ribbon cutting ceremony, third from the left, is Handling Specialty's President, Tom Beach.

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Learn more about all Pathstone is doing to improve mental health in the Niagara Region.