Our Director of Operations

January 21

Meet Neville Zuzarte.

Hello fellow colleagues! For those who may not know me, my name is Neville Zuzarte and I joined Handling Specialty in November of 2018. I started my career at HS as a Senior Project Manager on Siemens, Boeing and Sony projects and a few months later moved to my current role as Director of Operations. Part of my professional background includes graduating from Aerospace Engineering and spending a chunk of my career in manufacturing. Working at Caterpillar helping lead its Project Management Office where we manufactured tunnel boring machines, I was fortunate to travel to many parts of the world to help support our projects. Thus, my interest in a career at Handling Specialty was very much piqued with HS being so strong in heavy manufacturing while covering industries in Aerospace, Entertainment, Rail, Automotive and more globally.

My day to day role in operations involves leadership in the Project Management Office, Procurement, Parts and Service and QC groups. I also rely on support from two very strong managers, Shannon Clinton in engineering, and Dave Austin in manufacturing to ensure our teams are working well to meet our deliverables. Like many of my colleagues and the history of HS, customer relationship building is something I resonate with and strive to ensure our team is consistently performing at very high levels so we can continue to offer our customers exceptional value, a testament to so many repeat customers year after year. Like so many of you I find very few quiet moments, as my office can be sometimes a revolving door with inquires, challenges, problems and sometimes just a friendly hello. I welcome them all, and it is part of my job which never allows for a dull day! I do spend some time at Plant 2 to catch up on the weekly manufacturing in the larger of our two plants, and often remain in awe at the even greater throughput of this large facility.

I have learned some of the aspects of our unique culture at HS is that we count on knowledge, experience, collaboration and sometimes sheer grit to deliver robust, quality equipment on schedule….and while making a little time for some high fives and healthy banter!

I look forward to next year, not only to get past a bizarre 2020 pandemic year, but to keep adding to our legacy of new and challenging projects.

Neville Zuzarte, Director of Operations