Meet Michael - Our Marketing Manager

COVID 19 Home pics

As we continue to showcase Handling Specialty's employees today we're introducing Michael Poeltl (pictured above working from home) (pronounced: Pur-tel). Michael is Handling Specialty’s Marketing Manager who came to Handling Specialty directly from another equipment supplier in Thorold on November 1st, 2015 after spending a year with them. Before his work in Thorold, Michael worked at another equipment manufacturer and again before that another equipment manufacturer in the same role he holds at HSML. Michael's marketing career has been mainly within the manufacturing industry, more specifically, material handling equipment manufacturing, and so came to Handling Specialty with a good understanding of the industry and how to market it.

Fun facts about Michael; He worked as a bartender and bar manager for years before, during and after art college. He also worked as a pipefitter on new construction projects, went back to school for graphic and web design, worked as a web designer, marketed a process serving firm based in Hamilton, has lived in Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary and toured North America in his retrofitted Chevy van in 1996.

Michael's hobby is writing, which lends itself nicely to his marketing tasks creating unique content for HSML; keeping the company Top of Mind. He's published 12 books in total thus far, ranging from children’s books to Hard Sci-fi. Michael has a ten-year-old daughter and was recently remarried in Las Vegas – by Elvis (Pre-COVID).