Meet Gino, Hydraulic Specialist

Gino Cipriano Hydraulics cropped 1

Hi, my journey at Handling Specialty started in June, of ‘97 through Kelly’s Temporary Services. I was brought in as a labourer to help move equipment and material from a Hamilton plant that was rented to build the Cirque du Soleil job to Grimsby.

My duties were to empty garbage and help out fellow co-workers. While working I took interest in the hydraulic department. Six months later I was hired on so long as I went back to school to learn hydraulics. As time went on, I took night courses in welding to get my ticket.

With my background - having knowledge in electrical and electronics, I soon started to help out in the electrical department. I then worked my way into the service department, trouble-shooting equipment. The company then realized they had someone that was proficient in four trades; hydraulics, electrical, welding, and assembling, and so I was on the road more often than in the shop! I still remember the first table I had to plump up - I worked the weekend to bend one line. I still get compliments on my pipe work. I remember seeing a sign in the hallway stating: Your Work Is a Signature of Yourself, which I always try to follow.

I soon had to step back and stay in the shop. I will miss the travelling, but will leave that for the younger workers.

Well, I guess that’s it from me.