Material Handling Processes

Material Handling Processes new

Material Handling Processes:

At Handling Specialty, we have developed a rigorous process to serve our material handling customers that has continuously evolved since our inception in 1963. These processes combined with top talent across every department has offered Handling Specialty the edge in becoming the premiere Custom material handling equipment design/build firm in the world.

How do we offer the best material handling equipment services?

1. We offer extensive site visits and professional consultations with our technical sales representatives who will assess your facility or development plans and offer experienced insights.

2. Handling Specialty will create conceptual and application engineering documents to support the technical sales detailed descriptions of the client's requirements.

3. The engineering department will offer comprehensive approval drawings and schematics that will best serve the customer's specific application needs.

4. Our procurement and manufacturing departments plan and build custom material handling equipment solutions.

5. Factory acceptance testing and acceptance test procedures including quality assurance oversight are performed on all equipment. Customers are invited to the factory to observe the tests and comment on any potential changes they may require.

6. Packaging, Logistics and freight are managed in-house to ensure the equipment is shipped to the client's location on time.

7. Installation by experienced Handling Specialty technicians is often recommended, followed by commissioning and any operation and maintenance training as suggested by Handling Specialty.

8. Ongoing parts support and planned maintenance is put in place offering peace of mind through experienced technical assistance and IIoT, industry 4.0 technology where required.

All of these services and the decades of experience behind them are what our clients can expect when purchasing custom material handling equipment solutions. Designing and building unique equipment for the automotive, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, power generation, entertainment, steel, rail & transportation industries since 1963 affords Handling Specialty the title of the world's premier custom material handling equipment supplier.

Find out for yourself why we experience so much return business from fortune 100 companies across multiple industries for their assembly and manufacturing needs.