Manufacturing Talks Wellness

Tom presenting october 27th banner

On October 28th, Tom Beach, President of Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd., spoke at the Niagara Industrial Association meeting on site. Beach educated the group about the Handling Specialty Wellness program that has been in place for 2 years. 

During his speech, Beach discussed what the company believes makes a better workplace, and happy employee. Some of what was said included:

  • The most productive employee is a happy employee
  • Cultivating a positive workplace culture breeds positivity at home
  • Creating an open forum for suggestions to improve on every level
  • Offer programs and activities to support a positive mindset
  • We attract and retain the best talent with wellness in mind

COVID came not long after the Handling Wellness Committee was realized. This was the right time to act. An employee portal, direct emails and wellness boards in the offices and shops let all employees know where to get help and access wellness services. 

The importance of caring for ourselves and for one another on the job was a major point that Tom brought home. Joining Beach was Dan Miller, from People Corporation who Handling has partnered with to bring more helpful information to their staff concerning mental health and well being.

Click here to learn more about the Handling Specialty Wellness Committee.