IIoT in Material Handling Equipment


IIoT in Material Handling Equipment

The Industrial Internet of Things is becoming more and more important to companies with multiple pieces of equipment in an industrial setting.  Monitoring equipment health is a daunting task and IIoT offers assistance in the form of preventative maintenance by allowing the equipment to do the talking. Handling Specialty is an innovative design/build firm for multiple industries looking to include custom material handling equipment into their MRO and assembly operation.

Mohawk Ideaworks

The IDEAWORKS team at Mohawk says, “Handling Specialty asked our team at Mohawk College's Sensor Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) Lab to develop a proof-of-concept that would show how Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor platforms could be used to monitor key equipment parameters. The IIoT sensors would be connected to an online dashboard that would notify Handling Specialty and its clients when issues are anticipated, allowing for the timely scheduling of preventative maintenance.”

Mohawk goes on to describe the processes, “The research team developed and tested IIoT sensor packages, created software that would collect the sensor data, analyzed the data to provide actionable information, and developed predictive analytics using machine learning. The completed proof of concept integrates IIoT, Machine Learning, and data management technologies into a valuable predictive maintenance monitoring system for Handling Specialty.”

Minimizing the effects and impact of unexpected failures in the production system, thus increasing the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises is the goal in developing a reliable and predictive maintenance system for an industrial material handling machine.

Handling Specialty is excited to move forward with this project and put it into the field for further testing.

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