Helping the Iron & Steel Industry Succeed

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Helping the Iron & Steel Industry Succeed

Handling Specialty combines best-in-class engineering, manufacturing and controls integration to create state-of-the-art turnkey solutions to help our clients increase productivity, improve safety and reduce operational costs. Designed to exceed the demands of steel processing industries, Handling Specialty’s rugged and dependable solutions are well suited to handle tough environments, the harshest elements and unique production challenges.

Ladle lift

Examples of material handing solutions in the Iron & Steel industry include: Ladle Rebricking/Relining Platforms, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV), Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV), Large Capacity Transfer Cars, Custom Personnel Lifts and Work Platforms, Production Duty Work Positioners, Heavy Duty Lifting Solutions, and Equipment for Hazardous Environments.

Handling Specialty’s highly skilled work force and relentless commitment to quality delivers creative solutions, robust equipment, turn-key installations, onsite training and long-term professional support for the steel industry. Handling Specialty designs and builds robust, heavy-duty material handling equipment ensuring it is manufactured, tested and installed to withstand the punishing requirements of the iron & steel industry.

Discuss how you can improve the safety and efficiency of your iron and steel operation with an experienced material handling equipment provider today.