Health is Wealth

May Plant 2 pic

A message from the Handling Specialty Wellness Committee is a timely one amidst the COVID pandemic. Strategically positioned in the offices and plants, Handling’s committee dedicated to offering assistance to our employees continues to contribute to morale by erecting signs with positive messages. Health is Wealth is a simple, yet timely message which resonates with everyone during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re constantly in contact with our employees via our employee portal where everyone can sign-in for daily updates and news about what the company is doing during this difficult time. The portal also offers support through links to local mental health webinars and other wellness links.

Plant 2 sign 1

New signage is placed monthly to encourage employees through affirmative quotes that offer a moment of clarity to the day. Since this began, we have not had a full staff in either the plants or offices, but the messages continue to enlighten those who are still on-site and even those who are not through photos placed on the employee portal.

Remember, health – especially in these trying times – represents wealth now more than ever. Stay safe.