Designing Hydraulic Systems

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At Handling Specialty, our design practices are second to none when creating the perfect solution to your lifting needs. Once our custom design and engineering department receives a client’s specifications for a project, each team sets to work on system schematics.

How do hydraulic systems benefit our customer’s material handling equipment? Hydraulic fluid powered systems provide power through the use of pressurised fluid in an enclosed circuit.  Each system is designed from the ground up for each application to meet the needs of each customer’s specific requirements.

Where the hydraulic systems are concerned, first the Customers are consulted to gather information on what actions are required, at what speed/timing/force requirement etc. and a system schematic is developed by our hydraulic designer. Handling Specialty designs our hydraulic systems using NFPA standards, specifically NPFA T2.24.1

The system layout is developed using 3D CAD software to ensure proper fitment and compatibility of all components, determine the locations/orientations of any customer connection ports and ensure proper fitment/compatibility with the main mechanical system design and layout

HPU Build in house HPU Design

Next, all system components are selected and sourced from the top hydraulic vendors and are of high quality, make and build. They are then ordered at the time of initial job release. Then, any fabrication drawings (HPU frame, reservoir, drip pan, mounting components) are created and released to the shop.

In one of Handling’s two shops, the hydraulic system is assembled, and incorporated into the main mechanical assembly. It is then tested to ensure proper functionality of the system, at the correct pressures and flows required for optimum performance of the machine, to meet customer requirements.

In business since 1963, Handling Specialty has learned a lot and become a forerunner in the design and application of hydraulic systems in material handling equipment applications. We accomplish this by hiring the best and brightest, challenging them through unique projects and continuously learning from past experiences.

To discover more about Handling Specialty's hydraulic systems please see our webpage.

By Michael Poeltl and Jason Dakins/Tyler Winger