Custom Scissor Lifts Build Big Things

Heavy duty scissor lift

Custom Scissor Lifts Build Big Things

Engineering a custom scissor lift for the aerospace industry with robust components allows our manufacturing department to confidently build the scissor lift to raise and lower up to 9,000 lbs., operate 5 cycles per hour, 16 hours per day, and 250 days per year.

As with all of Handling Specialty’s projects, a heavy-duty custom scissor lift project is assigned to a Handling Specialty Project Manager who is responsible for technical and contractual project issues, schedules, customer liaison, and coordination of design, build, assembly, demonstration and installation activities.

Handling Specialty often recommends on-site assistance to support the installation and commissioning tasks. Experience has proven that interfacing challenges and start-up anomalies are best handled by having one of HSML’s technical staff on site. Training on the usage and maintenance of the scissor lift is also a crucial part of the entire process.

Planned maintenance is often included with the purchase of our heavy-duty scissor lifts and encouraged to be followed to meet the needs of the machine and those of the services it has been developed to supply.

Custom Scissor Lifts Build Big Things

With a low profile of just 24”, this scissor lift has a vertical travel of 128”, is 56” wide and 123” in length will be mounted to the purchaser’s existing work platform and lagged in place to the factory floor. Two identical units were ordered to satisfy the customer’s unique application needs.

Whatever your custom heavy-duty scissor lift is engineered to lift, you can operate your Handling Specialty lifting system with confidence.

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