Creating Material Handling Solutions for Power-Generation

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Creating Material Handling Solutions for Power-Generation

Handling Specialty creates material handling solutions for the power-generation industry by combining best-in-class engineering, manufacturing and controls integration to create state-of-the-art turnkey solutions to help our clients increase productivity, improve safety and reduce operational costs.

We provide creative solutions to manufacturers of large assemblies such as engines, gen-sets, transformers, turbines, rotors and compressors. Providing unique solutions for complex material handling challenges in the Power-Gen industry aligns very well with Handling Specialty’s core competencies and proven capabilities.  Examples of the custom material handling equipment we supply to the power-generation industry include: Adjustable Work Platforms & Personnel Lifts, Large Capacity Transporters, Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV), Manually Guided Vehicles (MGV), Pit Mounted Lifting Systems, Tilters, Rotators, Rollovers & Up-Enders, Custom Work Positioners, Production Duty Scissor Lifts, Vertical Assembly Platforms, Four Post Electro-Mechanical Lifts, & Multi-Axis Lifting Systems.

Handling Specialty’s highly skilled work force and relentless commitment to quality delivers creative solutions, robust equipment, turn-key installations, onsite training and long-term professional support. As an engineered-to-order solution provider, you can be certain that Handling Specialty works with all stakeholders to ensure that the equipment is designed, manufactured, tested and installed to exceed the specific application requirements for each project.

To discuss how Handling Specialty can assist in creating an efficient and safe material handling solution for your power generation facility, contact one of our skilled technical sales associates.